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Optical Flats

Crystran 75mm (3Crystran Ltd are able to offer test flats manufactured in the UK.
Single sided flats are polished on the second face to workshop standard. Double sided flats are to full specification both faces. All flats are tested in our QA department and certification traceable to UK National Physical Laboratory standard provided on all flats.
► Fused Quartz or Zerodur material
► Flatness of Lambda/4,  Lambda/10  or  Lambda/20 at 633nm
► 26mm to 302mm Ø with larger sizes on request
► Single sided or double sided
► Certificate supplied traced to N.P.L. reference
► Partial reflective coating supplied on request


Please telephone or email to order +44 (0) 1202 307650 or [email protected]

We offer other sizes and annular configurations on special order, and can provide a reconditioning service on your old flats depending upon condition.

We reserve the right to amend any of the above specifications at any time in the interests of product development.


Material Diameter Thickness (±1mm)
Fused Quartz 26mm (1") 6mm
Fused Quartz 26mm (1") 12mm
Fused Quartz 52mm (2") 10mm
Fused Quartz 77mm (3") 15mm
Fused Quartz 102mm (4") 17mm
Fused Quartz 127mm (5") 20mm
Fused Quartz 152mm (6") 25mm
Fused Quartz 202mm (8") 30mm
Fused Quartz 252mm (10") 35mm
Fused Quartz 302mm (12") 40mm


Please enquire for custom sizes, pricing and lead times.