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Lanthanum Fluoride (LaF3)

♦ Lanthanum Fluoride (LaF3) Data Sheet    ♦ Lanthanum Fluoride (LaF3) Ion Selective Electrodes

♦ Lanthanum Fluoride (LaF3) MSDS

Lanthanum Fluoride is not often used as an optical material. Lanthanum Fluoride is usually doped with Europium at a nominal level of 0.3% mole. In this form, the usual application is as the active element in an ion-selective electrode for the detection and measurement of Fluoride ions in solution.

Transmission Range :0.2 to 11 μm
Refractive Index :No 1.506 at 0.55 μm
Reflection Loss :10.3% at 0.55 μm
Absorption Coefficient :n/a
Reststrahlen Peak :n/a
dn/dT :n/a
dn/dμ = 0 :n/a
Density :5.94
Melting Point :1493 °C (1)
Thermal Conductivity ;5.1 W m-1 K-1 at 300K
Thermal Expansion ;11x10-6 /K (para) 15.8x10-6 /K (perp) at 298K (2)
Hardness ;Moh 4.5
Specific Heat Capacity :506 J Kg-1 K-1
Dielectric Constant :14 (3)
Youngs Modulus (E) :n/a
Shear Modulus (G) :n/a
Bulk Modulus (K) :n/a
Elastic Coefficients :n/a
Apparent Elastic Limit :n/a
Poisson Ratio :n/a
Solubility :Insoluble in water
Molecular Weight :195.9
Class/Structure :Trigonal (hex), P63/mcm (2) ,no cleavage

To download this data or our MSDS safety data sheet as a pdf, please click on the links at the top of the page.  To expand the transmission graphs, please click on the image.
µm   NoNeµm   NoNeµm   NoNe
0.254   1.6561.6490.405   1.6181.6120.436   1.6171.609
0.547   1.6061.602

Lanthanum Fluoride is grown as small ingots of about 10mm diameter as it is difficult to anneal. Doped with Europium, it is a pale yellow colour.

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