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Metrology Part 2

31st Aug 2021
     In this month’s newsletter, we continue with our metrology theme. Including our range of spectrometers and dimensional measuring instruments.


To characterize transmission of our UV and IR materials, we have invested in several Perkin Elmer spectrometers. Providing a very clear spectral plot from 190 nm to 25 um, it’s easy to identify similar materials from their reference transmission signatures. Similarly, it’s possible to calculate material absorption coefficient at any wavelength to understand the effect of material thickness on theoretical transmission. Finally, for VUV applications, we have a custom-built Lyman Alpha generator for making discrete measurements at 121nm under vacuum.

Optilux SD

The Optilux SD is a Scratch/Dig evaluation system. Using dark-field microscopy, and a high-resolution CCD, a step-and repeat process quickly scans the complete optic to a spatial resolution of better than 5 microns. An overall pass / fail against either the chosen MIL or ISO string is then presented alongside a surface map and summary against all lower-tier accumulation rules – all of which can be neatly generated into a report for customer viewing.

Taylor Hobson CCI 6000 Talysurf

This is a non-contact white light interferometer for the precise measurement of surface finish (Ra, Rq, Sa, Sq) in accordance with ISO10110. With a vertical resolution of better than 0.1 Angstrom (0.01 nm), and a whole host of analytical tools at its disposal, roughness of even our most finely finished parts can be measured with complete confidence.

Coordinate Measuring Machine

A highly versatile, manually driven, instrument ideally suited to the precise dimensional measurement of complex prisms. This instrument goes very much hand-in-hand with our new 5-axis CNC milling machine, producing multi-faceted optics with micron precision.

Baty Vision Systems Venture

An advanced electronically controlled imaging system for the automated measurement of angles / dimensions / physical features against an imported CAD. It enables us to measure components with minimum physical contact to avoid damage to any optical surface.

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