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The Main Polishing Shop

Crystran's main polishing department has a wide range of machinery and equipment designed to produce both simple and complex optics. Most of the processes involve conventional plate work, this allows a hands-on approach and gives the technicians excellent control of the optics as they polish.

Chris Roberts

Polishing Shop Supervisor

Chris joined Crystran in 1996 and has since built up an in-depth knowledge about a variety of polishing techniques. He is one of Crystran's specialist polishers and can produce very flat and high specification optics. He is also skilled at polishing some of the most fragile crystals we work with.






Kathy Sams

Work Scheduler

Kathy schedules and assigns priorities to all work in the polishing areas. She has over 17 years experience polishing crystals and optics, and can produce very flat work on the lapmasters. She also enjoys working with some of the more difficult crystals to polish.