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Soft Crystal Polishing Department

Specialist Polishing Area

This department specialises in polishing the softer IR and UV crystals, such as KRS-5 (TlBr-Tll), Caesium Iodide (CsI), Caesium Bromide (CsBr), Silver Chloride (AgCl) and Silver Bromide (AgBr).






Malcolm Isaac

Technical Services Manager

Malcolm has nearly 30 years experience working with Crystals. His early career was spent growing crystal ingots for high energy physics and optical applications with Merck Ltd. He moved into cutting and polishing them when Crystran was formed. He and his team polish the softer crystals mostly by hand.

In his spare time Malcolm works with historic and vintage aircraft at both Compton Abbas in Dorset and Duxford in Cambridgeshire.

He also loves motorcycles and steam railways.









Specialist Processes

The department also handles other specialist areas, such as Hot Forging for both Silver Chloride (AgCl) and Silver Bromide (AgBr). All drilling and grooving processes for windows are carried out here, as well as and mounting or bonding of optics as required. Malcolm has a broad knowledge on the correct adhesives for all of our crystals.