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Inspection Department

Crystran is accredited to ISO9001:2015 and therefore maintains a strict level of quality control. The QA department controls all products for compliance with specification, this applies to raw materials bought into the company and also all products before they are despatched.

Surface Profling with the TalysurfKevin Wright PCQI

Quality and Environment Manager

Kevin has 25 years experience in crystal and optical inspection techniques and is the head of Crystran's Inspection Department. He became the Quality Manager in 1993 when Crystran was formed.

Kevin is here operating our Rank Taylor Hobson Talysurf CCI Profiler.



Quality Control

Every optic Crystran supplies goes through inspection to ensure compliance with specification. All goods and raw material coming into the company are also assessed to ensure they are of good quality and correct.

Investing in new inspection equipment and learning the latest techniques means that Crystran can constantly push forward the boundaries of what we can test, this in turn drives forward our production capabilities in being able to offer even higher specification optics.

Shown here is the autocollimator of our Trioptics Prism Master C angle measuring equipment, and one of our reference interferometers.

Autocollimator Angle MeasurementInterfire Interferometer



Amongst our ever increasing range of cutting-edge test equipment, we have now upgraded our Spectrophotometers with brand new instruments. It is important for an optical shop like Crystran, who specialise in UV and IR optics, to be able to characterise our materials in these wavebands.

Perkin-Elmer UV/VIS Spectrophometer

Perkin-Elmer Lambda 750 UV/VIS/NIR Instrument.

Test Range: 195nm to 3.0 microns



PE Frontier FTIR



Perkin-Elmer Frontier FTIR Instrument

Test range: 2.5 microns to 25 microns