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Clean Rooms

Crystran has added two new clean rooms to the facility. One is set up for Double-Sided polishing and the other for inspection joined by a communicating window. This means that the optics can be processed and inspected without ever leaving the clean environment. Depending on the specification, some optics may need to be tested and packaged in a dust free clean room environment, so this facility was created in addition to the main inspection department.

Clean Room for Double-Sided Polishing and Inspection

Chris Blundell

Polishing Supervisor - Double Sided Polishing

Chris has been promoted to supervisor of the clean room in charge of the double-sided polishing machines for production. He has recently completed his B.Eng. in Engineering at Bournemouth University under Crystran sponsorship. 

Outside of work he likes to complete at Cycle Speedway.






Matt Stone

Polishing Technician

Matt works in the clean room using the double-sided polishing machines. He joined Crystran in 2019 with a M.Sc. in Biological Anthropology.