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Raman Substrate Materials

Selected Calcium Fluoride substrates. Working with Raman spectra it is necessary that the substrate does not interfere with the results. Crystran Raman Grade Calcium Fluoride offers many advantages.

► Wide transmission range from deep UV to mid IR
► Complete flexibility of laser between 130nm to 10µm
► One single Raman peak only at 321cm-1 specific to CaF2
► No other Raman peaks to confuse the results
► Minimal fluorescence
► Durable and insoluble

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Standard Sizes

13mm Ø x 0.2mm
20mm Ø x 0.3mm
22mm Ø x 0.5mm
13mm Ø x 0.5mm
20mm Ø x 2.0mm
25mm Ø x 1.0mm
13mm Ø x 1.0mm
25mm Ø x 2.0mm
22 x 26 x 0.5mm
38 x 22 x 2.0mm
75 x 25 x 1.0mm
22 x 26 x 1.0mm
38 x 26 x 1.0mm
76 x 26 x 1.0mm
25 x 25 x 1.0mm
Any other size to special order