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Mike Dockree Retires

09th Aug 2013

Our senior polisher Mike Dockree retired at the end of July.  I would like to thank Mike for his fantastic efforts over the years. He has been a key factor in our success.

Even before the start of Crystran, Mike had shown an ability to tackle the most difficult of jobs in a logical and efficient manner. Indeed many jobs became known unofficially as “Mike Jobs” inferring that only Mike was capable of doing them.  I have to say that Mike inspired me to become a polisher and as the day-to-day pressure of managing a new business eased over those first couple of years, I found more and more time to learn from people like Mike Dockree  and Len Stack. One of Mike’s greatest attributes is his ability to break down even the most difficult of jobs into a series of manageable steps. Each step is completed and thoroughly measured and checked before moving onto the next.  This method is fundamental to everything we do now and has been vital in moving Crystran up the “skills ladder” to where we are today. Mike epitomises the ISO Quality Standard.

Mike has always been a superb optical polisher, but this is no good if he is unable to pass on these skills to others.  Fortunately for Crystran, Mike has always been an excellent teacher  willing to pass on his skills and knowledge to others. I am sure that all of our other opticians would agree that they have learnt so much from Mike. Indeed it is testament to Mike’s training of others that although we will miss Mike, the overall capability of the Polishing Shops will continue to increase in terms of capacity and technical complexity. As a company we have the skills in conventional , double-sided and Lapmaster  polishing to compete at the highest level. Mike was presented with gifts from the company and his friends at Crystran.

Many thanks Mike for your major contribution to the success of Crystran.

Graham Fancy, Managing Director