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ISO Standards at Crystran


As an ISO 9001 registered company, we are aiming to give customers, suppliers and any other visitors to our site an insight into our philosophy with regard to quality. We are a growing organisation that uses our QMS as the main driving force for the creation of profitable business by the continuous improvement in customer product and service. All of our staff have seen the benefits of the QMS over many years and are committed to its continual improvement.

Crystran's Quality Management System was approved to ISO 9001:2008 in 2009 by LRQA having taken over from our previous accreditation company. We were approved to ISO9001:2015 in October 2017. We have been approved altogether since 1994 (BS5750), 6 months after the creation of Crystran as a stand alone company from Merck Chemicals (previously BDH Chemicals).


Our certificate renewal audit to ISO9001:2015 has now passed through technical review and we have received our updated certificate which is available to download from the link below or on request.



As our certificate expiry date was January 2019 we were due a 2 day Re-certification audit scheduled for 17-18 December 2018.

We successfully passed our Re-certification audit and have now received our new certificate which is available on request or to download from the link below.

Crystran Quality Policy

About Crystran and LRQA ISO9001    Download ISO9001Certificate

Company Wide Objectives:
1.To be market leader in our areas of speciality
2.To deliver on time every time
3.To be competitive on price
4.To deliver to specification
5.To build on our reputation for integrity
Measured Objective:

In order to ensure that we are continually improving our service we monitor factors including on-time deliveries, number of days delivered late, customer complaints, supplier performance and component stock levels.
Below are the continuing results for our on time delivery performance.

On Time Deliveries
2016 maintained good customer delivery performance with an average of 97.9% for the year, slightly reduced from 2015 by 0.2% due to a couple of lower months in June & July but still above our 95% set objective.
2017 ended with an average of 97.3%, which was slightly down on 2016 but still above our set objective which was increased to 97% from the previous 95%.
2018 ended with an average of 96.4% being 0.60% outside our objective. We had a record year for sales with lots more orders going through the company. We will look to improve on this in 2019 to get us back above our target of 97% again as we did in the previous 2 years.
 2017                   2018                 2019                  2020  
Jan - 98.4%       Jan - 95.9%     Jan - 97.7%       Jan - 97.5%
Feb - 97.4%        Feb - 97.8%     Feb - 98.1%      Feb - 96.5%
Mar - 98.0%       Mar - 96.4%     Mar - 97.9%
April - 99.1%     April - 97.2%    Apri - 93.1%
May - 98%         May - 96.9%      May - 94%
June - 98%       June - 96.3%    June - 96.6%  
July - 97.1%      July - 96.4%     July - 96.5%
Aug - 97.2%      Aug - 97.4%      Aug - 97.5%
Sept - 95%        Sept - 95.5%     Sept - 98.6%
Oct - 96.5%       Oct - 97.1%       Oct - 95.8%
Nov - 96.4%       Nov - 94.5%      Nov - 95.5%
Dec - 96.4%       Dec - 94.8%      Dec - 98.2%
2017 Average = 97.3%. 2018 Average =96.4%. 2019 Average = 96.6%

We monitor how poor performance by our suppliers can adversely affect our on-time deliveries to our customers. We always try to work with our suppliers by involving them in our target setting and finding ways to reduce lead-times. Ultimately we may have to look for better suppliers. In some instances this is exactly what we have had to do.
In 2017 late deliveries to us from our suppliers accounted for 58.8% of all the late deliveries to our customers.

Discussion Point:

If you have any comments relating to any Quality or Environmental related issues with your business with Crystran Ltd., please e-mail them to me, Pete Nelson. Your feedback is important to us.

Pete Nelson
Quality Management System Adviser