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Crystran's new app!

15th Dec 2020
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December 2020



We have released our new App!

Crystran Optics Guide


The Crystran Optics Guide has been developed to enable Optical Engineers, Students, Researchers and anyone who has an interest in Photonics to make the correct material choice for IR/UV/VIS wavelengths when designing windows, lenses, prisms, filters and beamsplitters.  The App provides quick, accurate and accessible information.


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An interactive table covering all wavelengths. Touch the screen on the material of interest to view the transmission graph.  For further information about the material, the data sheet can also be accessed, which will give additional details about any properties that may need to be taken into account, for example, hygroscopicity.





The reflection loss for one and two faces of any given material can be calculated with the input of just a few details. Options to select any material, wavelength and angle of incidence combination quickly deliver the percentage reflection per surface along with Brewster Angle and Critical Angle.



Calculates the optimum thickness required for an optical window used in vacuum or pressure applications. Select material, pressure differential (in any of the most common units), the shape of window and diameter to find the thickness required, with a safety factor included.